Repost RRN Meeting notes 21 March 2015 (by wa6cot)


On top of having a great turn out, we had guest speakers that provided information about new MESH technology and DARN, an emergency communications club that has repeaters that cover most of Los Angeles County.    

Towards the end of the meeting we had an open discussion on emergency communications with some eye-opening facts discussed by people in the know.     The biggest revelation was properness is on the decline with less volunteers than ever!   

Those that were unable to attend missed a good source of communication information, but fear not, I am sure some of the information will be rehashed at the Rabbit Summer pool party August 22nd.    So mark your calendars now and keep the date open for Rabbit.

My sincere thanks to all who attended and especially those that spoke.    Most of the public doesn’t know it, but Ham Radio is the only real hope for communications during and close after a Major Disaster.     And as we all know, California is no stranger to Disasters.

73   Emmett